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Waking up in the same place every morning is boring.

  1. Custom Winscape software with configurable screen parameters

  2. Two HD plasma displays for great contrast and wide viewing angles

  3. Video playback resolution capable of 4k with sound

  4. Fully embedded in the wall for aesthetics and silent operation

  5. Tracking of one person in the room via KinectTM sensor for proper perspective presentation

  6. Scheduled on/off

  7. iPhone/iPod/iPad and web control of sleep/wake/scene selection

This Winscape installation includes:

How did you build it?

For a more detailed look into how the Winscape was built, please click here.

Two 46-inch Panasonic TC-P46G10 plasma screens bring the images to life.  They are fed by an Apple Mac Pro workstation in the adjacent room running custom OS X software called Winscape.  Using the displays’ physical layout parameters, the Winscape software renders the proper portions of the video to fill the appropriate displays using Quicktime and OpenGL.  A Kinect Sensor reports the position of the people in the room.  The Winscape software uses this tracker information (when available) to shift the view for the person closest to the Winscape.  Sleep, Wake, and Scene Selection can be controlled by a web page served by the software or by the Winscape Remote iOS App.

What is behind the curtain?

Real windows are interactive - unlike a painting on the wall.  When you move your head in relation to a window, the view outside shifts up/down/left/right.  If you want to see an object in the window’s right periphery, you can move your head left to bring the object into view.

We can simulate that effect if we know the location of the viewer’s head in relation to the Winscape displays.  The effect will only look correct to the tracked person in the room.

You’re tracking who in the what now?

I want to do this too.  Any tips for collecting footage?

I have some suggestions on equipment and how to select footage that works best here.  We also sell our original scenes.

Can I ask a question?

Sure, I’ll try to post answers to frequently asked questions here.  News about the Winscape including software updates will be posted to the Winscape Blog.

What does the software look like?  What does it do?  Can I get a copy of it?

Yes both software applications are available.  For more details about the Winscape program click here.  Details for the Winscape Marketeer software are here.  Both applications can use the Winscape Remote iOS app available here.

You can do this on your existing HD TV!

If you have a Mac attached to your HD TV, you can easily run the Winscape software with one or more of our scenery movies.  The Winscape software is free to try and it works on any movie in your Movies folder.  If you want to do your own custom install, keep reading for tips and information.

Sure thing.  Just join the announcements email list:

Can you email me announcements regarding the Winscape?

Can I use Winscape software to market my product to people walking past a display?

Yes we have built the Winscape Marketeer application specifically for marketing to passers by.  We use a more aggressive Kinect driver to lock on to users sooner so that the change in window perspective will catch their eye and begin a short interactive session with the viewer.